The three operating pillars

The three operating pillars.

  • Real Estate
  • Balance Sheet
  • People

Our mission.

NETSTREIT's mission is to build a best in class portfolio, provide shareholders with consistent risk-adjusted returns, and build a team that's honest, proud of their work, and encourages growth individually and as a company.

Our ESG approach.

We are committed to integrating environmental, social, and governance (ESG) into our strategy and processes, providing clear, straightforward disclosures, and fulfilling our obligations as corporate citizens. As we grow, we will leverage this commitment to deepen our ESG approach, using ESG frameworks to identify material risks and opportunities, analyzing data to refine our strategy, policies, and practices, and providing transparency to our investors and stakeholders.

Our values.

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Tenant initiatives and impacts.

Most of our properties operate under a "triple-net" lease structure, which means our tenants have operational control of the property, including environmental management programs, such as those that conserve resources.

As part of evaluating a potential acquisition, we incorporate information about a tenant’s commitment to ESG into our investment committee memorandum and take into consideration environmental and climate risks that might subject us to financial liabilities or regulatory actions. We are committed to identifying sustainable practices that are financially responsible and operationally feasible when working with our tenants or managing capital improvement projects.

Our top tenants have corporate sustainability programs that govern their business operations and help them become stewards of reducing resource consumption by eliminating wasteful practices and implementing feasible and practical conservation policies at their retail locations.

Our Tenants' Sustainability Commitments

17 of our top 20 tenants have ESG commitments, representing 87% of our top 20 tenants by Annual Base Rent. Click on a company below to view its environmental, social, and governance initiatives.

Our tenant sustainability commitments are identified from publicly available ESG disclosures. Figures represent portfolio as of 09.30.2021.


Corporate Headquarters

Our new corporate headquarters in Dallas, TX (expected move in Q1 2022) was selected with social and environmental considerations, such as green building certification, access to transportation, and the walkability of the surrounding community, in mind. The building is operated at the highest level of efficiency and sustainability, obtaining a LEED v4 O+M: EB Gold certification, meaning it meets both LEED criteria as well as strict EPA guidelines to achieve an Energy Star rating.

Corporate Headquarters

Elements of the new headquarters, such as building automation systems, lighting controls, green cleaning, and recycling programs, significantly decrease natural resource use by conserving energy and water, minimizing waste, and reducing CO2 emissions. The building management has also partnered with an urban beekeeping company to address declining bee populations and create ecological awareness of bees. Beehives visible from conference room windows are managed by a beekeeping team that provides educational workshops and other bee-related events, including harvesting honey once a year.

At NETSTREIT, we encourage sustainable practices among our employees and are dedicated to further reducing our environmental impacts through:

  • Reducing waste by recycling paper, plastic, aluminum, and e-waste
  • Reducing paper use significantly by i) adopting electronic software for signatures on all investment-related materials and tenant agreements and ii) utilizing board book software to make our quarterly Board meetings 100% paperfree
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Designing Maternity Leave

Designing maternity leave.

"When I was in my second trimester, I never expected to have management ask me for input in the development of NETSTREIT's maternity leave policy. I remember making a list of recommendations for what I'd like to see, and thinking, 'Well what about dads or couples that plan on adopting? They deserve time with their babies too.' So l included in my recommendations that the company should account for non-birthing parents. I'm proud to say that NETSTREIT has Family Bonding Leave for all employees, no matter the gender or how they became a parent. I can't say enough how important it was to me having those first few months with my baby."

Amy An, Investor Relations Manager

An Employee Experience Committee (EEC) was established last year with a mission to ensure that all employees have a clear voice in sharing and upholding the company's cultural values and expectations. Committee members are drawn from every level of the organization and rotate annually. Members meet periodically to discuss recommendations to present to the leadership team. These recommendations may include additional training, activities, software, benefits, or other ideas to improve the employee experience and engagement.

We believe in the value of a diverse workforce and inclusive culture where all employees backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives are appreciated and respected. Harassment and discrimination of any kind are not tolerated. Our Code of Business Conduct and Ethics lays out our commitment to equal and fair treatment of all employees without concern for factors such as gender or gender identity, race or color, religion, ethnicity, disability, age, military status, sexual orientation, medical condition, or family status. Mandatory harassment and discrimination training includes a scenario-based module to help recognize and combat unconscious bias.




We are helping to cultivate the next generation of real estate finance professionals through our summer internship program. We typically recruit interns who are in their sophomore and junior year at local universities and provide meaningful, hands-on experience through participating in all stages of the acquisition process and helping to grow our customer relationship management platform.

Our societal contributions extend beyond our workforce to the consideration of partners we engage. In 2021, Roberts & Ryan Investments, Inc., a Service-Disabled Veteran Owned broker dealer, served as a co-manager for our April Secondary Offering. Proceeds from their commission directly benefit veteran-focused nonprofits, such as Boulder Crest Foundation, Children of Fallen Patriots, and Helmets to Hardhats, which support veterans and their families in general wellness, mental health, and career transitions.

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We are committed to acting with honesty and integrity and conducting all corporate opportunities in an ethical manner.

As a fiduciary to our shareholders, we strive to promote exemplary corporate governance that ensures NETSTREIT's corporate strategy aligns with our values. We also endeavor to have a Board with a strong mix of perspectives and experiences.

Governance Highlights


Annual director elections


Majority voting standard for election of directors


Director resignation policy


Annual director and committee assessments


No poison pill or differential voting stock structure to chill shareholder participation


Shareholders' right to amend the charter and bylaws by simple majority vote


Separate non-executive Chair and CEO roles and Lead Independent Director with strong role and significant governance duties

Board Independence and Diversity.

NETSTREIT has a balance of experienced and independent directors: five out of seven are independent. Our Audit, Compensation, Nominating, and Investment Comittees are comprised of fully independent directors as well. We have a proactive commitment to diversity. 43% of our directors (60% of our independent directors) are women and 29% of directors (40% of our independent directors) are racially/ethnically diverse.


Independent Directors


Diverse Independent Directors


Female Directors


Fully Independent Committees

Looking for other Governance documents?

Find Corporate Governance Guidelines, NETSTREIT's Code of Business Conduct, and Ethics and Committee Charters on our Investor Governance Page.